The Real Housewives di Napoli


Year: 2021
Genre: Reality show
Broadcasted by: Real Time
Platform: Discovery+
Production: FTM Entertainment

The Italian version of the reality show, famous all over the world, about wealthy housewives comes to life in Naples. The protagonists, enemies-friends, open the doors of their privileged lives to us by putting themselves naked: life projects, family relationships, ambitions, all declined in an extra-luxury version.

Saturday Night Live


Year: 2018
Genre: Comedy show
Broadcasted by: TV8
Production: FTM Entertainment

Famous show that has been on the air in the United States for more than forty years. The Italian edition with Claudio Bisio at the command of a brigade of comedians renews the formula without losing sight of the founding core of this worldwide success: ironic, satirical or simply hilarious sketches that read contemporary politics and society from a humorous and a parade of top-level guests ready to get involved.

Ciao Bellezza!


Year: 2017
Genre: Makeover
Broadcasted by: Rete 4
Platform: Mediaset Infinity
Production: FTM Entertainment

Diego Della Palma, the Italian oracle of make-over, puts himself at the service of women who no longer like each other to restore their lost self-esteem and femininity. Starting from a deep knowledge of personal history and ancient wounds, he manages to transform fragility and scars into strengths, so as to make his guests as iconic as the great divas of the past.

Angie e le ricette di Violetta

Adapter - Author

Year: 2015
Genre: Cuisine
Broadcasted by: Disney Channel
Production: 3Zero2

This cooking show was based on the international success of the Violetta series: Aunt Angie offers healthy and appealing recipes inspired by her life with Violetta.